My Tremulous Experience
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More often than not, I sleep with my bedroom windows and curtains open. At best- this being when it’s cold, I will close the windows BUT the curtains stay open.
My bedroom happens to overlook the spot where Mbuya Nehanda was hanged- so I’ve been told. The tree isn’t there anymore and nothing to show it ever existed.
For those that don’t know, I have a creative background and I see things creatively- in motion and colour. I am also a Double-Super Supernatural fan. Originals and Sleepy Hollow too!
Each night, I look outside my window and think- maybe I should close the curtains. Just today. I always imagine, if I stare long enough, Mbuya Nehanda may appear in the middle of the road. That maybe, her spirit (coupled with human error) is the cause of all these motor accidents on our particular section of the city. Just my mind working.
I then can’t close the windows. Simply because I need to make sure there is nothing outside. Like absolutely nothing. No cars. No spirit of Mbuya Nehanda.
But then again I wonder… if she did appear, what would she look like? Would I be able to run fast enough and call for help should she ‘float’ her way to my window? Would I scream or stare in wonder, freeze with fright?
On my part, not being able to answer these questions is a huge problem. One always needs a back-up plan. I didnt have one.
So today, like any other day I practiced my routine. Stare outside, consider closing the curtains, sit on bed for and hour or so watching YouTube videos. Last would be: get into bed.
Today was different. I was put to the test. As I sat on the bed I felt the tremors. I didn’t know they were tremors. Noooo. I just thought, maybe I’m cold. Like really cold. I was weirded out. Like completely. I started feeling the tremors under my feet. I’m on the 4th floor and, I’m thinking…well!
It wasn’t until I heard the wardrobe creaking that I started thinking…this is some Poltergeist sh_t! Tried to think of the reactionary measures I could take. There were few. Actually, none. Then I thought, ‘hey’, I didn’t close the windows maybe the breeze is too strong 
So I closed the windows. Sat on the bed. It started vibrating. My thoughts? ‘No, I refuse to be boborised’. Like seriously. No. Then the cupboards started again, rattling- but I had closed the windows????
I then thought, something’s going down and I won’t let it take me. What would Sam & Dean do? I wasn’t too sure if I should walk to the door or run but, I was sure going to salt my room and put an end to this foolery.
I was freaked out- TODAY, I will see Mbuya Nehanda for sure and, I wasn’t ready. Like no, not ever! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it would be great to meet an icon like her but she’s dead and I’m alive. I don’t think the two should mix, like never ever .
My mind told me, this is just how people juuuust die. Just like that. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to walk to the kitchen to get the salt of break for it. When I decided to break for it, Yeukai Gandawa prances in with a ‘Did you feel the tremors?’ and I’m like
These are troubled times and there is no way I was going to go out just like that!
 #DontJudgeMe ​​​​​​​